Which heart disease is the worst in America?

The Mayo Clinic reports that in the United States, more than two out of three Americans suffer from coronary artery disease, or coronary heart disease.It is estimated that there are 1.4 million people with coronary heart diseases in the country, […]

How Coconut Heart Disease Affects Your Health and the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Societies National Cancer Education Committee, Inc. (ACS) recently released a new research study into coconut heart diseases and the ACS recently published an article in a cancer journal, The Cancer Journal, which found that coconut heart illness […]

How to tell if your pet is suffering from coca leaf heart disease

Coconut heart disease is the worst of the three heart disease.There are a variety of symptoms associated with the disease, but the most common are chest pain and shortness of breath.Coconut heart disease can cause symptoms such as shortness on […]

How to figure out if you have coronary artery disease (COVID-19)

It is important to understand the symptoms of COVID-20 (heart disease) as it affects your ability to function.When you have COVID symptoms, your symptoms will likely increase as the virus travels through your body and affects your immune system.If your […]