Irish researchers discover the key to stopping the spread of heart disease

Heart disease is the third leading cause of death in Ireland.But research by Irish scientists has revealed a new potential strategy to slow its spread.The researchers have found a new way of preventing the heart disease known as atherosclerosis, which […]

When is heart disease diagnosed? — CNN Health

The diagnosis of heart disease is made when symptoms appear in multiple places.The most common symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath and heartburn.There are also other symptoms that may not be obvious at first.For example, there may be: Shortness […]

How a drug made from marijuana could help patients with chronic diseases like heart disease

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first-ever medical marijuana product from a company that is also a leading producer of the drug itself.The agency approved the drug, called Cannabidiol (CBD), in a 45-page approval letter on Wednesday.The agency […]