Why is the Alzheimer’s Association so worried about amyloid?

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago have discovered that people who have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease are more likely to experience heart disease and other chronic conditions than people who don’t.In their study published in the Journal […]

Raynaud: ‘I just want to go home and rest’ after heart attack

When Raynauds first arrived at the hospital on July 4, he was in a coma.Doctors told him that his heart had stopped beating, which they believed was due to a clot blocking his blood supply.“He was in the ICU for […]

Autoimmune heart diseases: What to know and how to prevent

The most common and most dangerous type of autoimmune heart failure is called a congenital heart failure, and it’s characterized by a malfunction in the heart muscle’s pumping and ventilating mechanisms.It can lead to severe heart damage, including strokes.Here are […]

When it comes to heart disease and cancer, a common thread is stress

The United States has the highest rate of heart disease in the world, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that’s because of the stress we’re subjected to on a daily basis.According to the CDC, about […]