How to prevent a recurrence of Raynaud sclerotic cardiac disease: Find out more

It was not until years later, when a second diagnosis occurred, that doctors realized they had a rare and potentially fatal form of the disease.The second diagnosis was in 2016, and the doctors had to perform tests.The disease had spread […]

How to save your life from diabetes: The science

How to Prevent Heart Disease with Proper Diet and Exercise article The heart disease epidemic is an epidemic that has become far more prevalent over the past few decades.The United States has nearly 2.7 million people with heart disease.And while […]

What to do if you are a new mom with endometriotic heart diseases

If you are pregnant or expecting a baby and are suffering from endometrial cancer, you should seek immediate treatment to prevent miscarriage and endometrium infection.Endometrioses can affect women’s fertility, leading to problems such as early miscarriage and low birth weight.If […]

Irish researchers discover the key to stopping the spread of heart disease

Heart disease is the third leading cause of death in Ireland.But research by Irish scientists has revealed a new potential strategy to slow its spread.The researchers have found a new way of preventing the heart disease known as atherosclerosis, which […]

Canadian researchers find links between blood pressure and type 2 diabetes in Asian-Canadian population

The authors found that people with high blood pressure, and even low blood pressure levels, were more likely to have diabetes than those with low blood pressures.In contrast, people with low systolic blood pressure were more than twice as likely […]