Aussie man diagnosed with CAD heart disease cough

A MAN who has been diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease has been given a second chance.

Key points:A 31-year-old man from Cairns was admitted to hospital in Cairn on Monday for a CT scanHe was diagnosed with pulmonary embolismA CT scan revealed the cause of the condition is believed to be pulmonary embolicCad heart diseases are often the result of a blockage in a blood vesselThe Cairnes man was taken to Cairna Hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Doctors said he was found to have a blockages in the pulmonary arteries and the blockages are believed to have caused the condition.

“The blockage is in the area of the pulmonary artery, and it is known to cause a block in the blood vessel, and that can lead to embolisms,” Dr Craig Dyer, an infectious disease expert at the Queensland University of Technology, said.

“He is now in a very stable condition, and is expected back to work on Monday.”

The blockages caused by the blockage caused the patient to have an embolus and doctors hope it can be fixed.

The blockaged blood vessels are commonly associated with other conditions such as heart failure.

“They have been identified in other cases of the common heart disease called heart failure, and we’re hoping they can be treated as well,” Dr Dyer said.

The man had been discharged from Cairs hospital on Monday.

The Cairs man was admitted on Monday to hospital for a scan of the area around his pulmonary arteries.

A CT Scan revealed a block was present in the lung artery and was being treated for pulmonary emboli.

“This blockage has been causing a block of the blood vessels to go down into the lungs and so they can’t get oxygen to the lungs,” Dr Meryl Kelly, the chief medical officer for Cairnas Regional Health Unit, said in a statement.

“It’s a block that normally occurs in other forms of heart failure that can be removed with a coronary bypass surgery.”

A second patient was found in the Cairners area on Tuesday and is also in stable condition.

The second patient is being treated at Cairnah Hospital.

The Queensland Health Department said a scan will be done on the other two patients on Monday afternoon.

The first patient had been taken to the hospital on Wednesday.