PTA’s Heart disease experts discuss heart disease with PTA president

NEW YORK — A panel of experts on the PTA board has recommended that all PTA officials be required to undergo tests to prove their health, the PGA of America announced Tuesday.

The recommendations were made during a meeting of the PPA board, which oversees the PFA’s national executive committee.

PTA President Dan Pate said he hopes the recommendations will help make PTA the best organization for children and families.

Pate spoke at a press conference Tuesday to discuss the recommendations and the challenges of the organization in the face of the rise in heart disease.

PATE: We do need to look at the whole picture of what it takes to be a good PTA leader.

What are the things that we do well?

Are we looking at the long-term consequences of our actions?

Are the things we can’t control?

We need to have the ability to change and change quickly, and the time is right to do that.