What are the main causes of structural heart disease?

Here are the top three common causes of heart disease: · Insulin resistance · Elevated cholesterol levels · Metabolic syndrome · Hyperlipidemia.

If you’re having problems with any of these, talk to your doctor.

The most common reason you might have symptoms of structural or cardiac heart disease is that you’re diabetic.

You might have: · Low blood sugar · High blood pressure · Increased heart rate · Low cholesterol levels.

You can treat these symptoms with medications.

In the last decade, research has found that the risk of developing heart disease and stroke is higher in people who are overweight, have higher body mass index, smoke or take drugs that raise blood pressure.

These are known risk factors for heart disease.

If these are your risk factors, talk with your doctor about whether there’s anything you can do to reduce your risk.

If you’ve had any of the above risk factors and are currently overweight or obese, talk about your weight and your lifestyle with your physician.