How to tell if your pet is suffering from coca leaf heart disease

Coconut heart disease is the worst of the three heart disease.

There are a variety of symptoms associated with the disease, but the most common are chest pain and shortness of breath.

Coconut heart disease can cause symptoms such as shortness on one side of the chest, fever, shortness or pain in the chest and sometimes a cough.

If your pet’s symptoms are not present, the most likely cause of coca heart disease could be a coca-leaf fungus.

It’s possible that coca leaves are growing in your pet.

Most pets that are infected with coca can be helped to drink water or clear their lungs of coco leaves.

The disease has a low fatality rate, but symptoms are usually short-lived and often disappear within a few weeks.

Your pet may need a thorough exam by a veterinarian to rule out other causes.

However, the main risk is the pet’s own coca use.

A pet that’s infected with the fungus could have difficulty eating or drinking, which can worsen symptoms.

When you do notice symptoms, call your vet or your local pet clinic immediately.