‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Jon Stewart, and the Beatles are all dead’

“The Beatles are gone,” he said.

“The rest of the Beatles aren’t.”

The actor, who has played Al Capone in many TV series, also said he had to get his act together and take care of himself.

He said: “It’s time for me to take care and I can’t do it anymore.

I need to be myself.”

I need to take my own medicine and go home to my wife.

It’s the only way I can do this.

I have to be the man I was meant to be.

“WeirdAl” Yankovi said the show was “about taking care of yourself”.

He added: “I’m not a drug addict.

I’m not an alcoholic.

I don’t have any of the other things that people associate with drug addicts.

I am the one who’s trying to figure out what’s going on and what is the next step for me.”

Yankovic said he did not drink and had no idea he had cancer when he appeared on The Tonight Show last year.

He added that he was grateful that he had a healthy family.

“It was really hard for me,” he told host Jimmy Fallon.

I thought: ‘Oh my God, this is all over.’ “

I was very scared.

I don’t think that I will have the courage to go on anymore.”